Our Team

We would like to introduce the team at Greentree Dental.


Dr. Sandi Endersby-Beekman graduated from the University of Saskatchewan Doctor of Medical Dentistry program in 2005.  She has many years of experience in the dental field since she has worked as both a Registered Dental Assistant and then a Registered Dental Hygienist before she decided to pursue her DMD degree.  Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and helping out on their farm. 

Dr. Charles Kim  joined our team July, 2019. 
He was born in Korea but was raised in Vancouver, BC.  He attended the University of British Columbia where he studied Pharmacy and Dentistry.  Dr. Kim decided to pursue a career in dentistry as he loves to work with his hands.  He is an avid woodworker and has a particular interest towards building furniture.  When he's not in the shop, he's likely in the mountains alpine skiing.  Dr. Kim has worked in northern BC, the Okanagan, and even Jamaica, but ultimately decided to make Drumheller his home.  He's loved his time here so far and looks forward to meeting the people of Drumheller.   

We look forward to taking care of your dental needs and helping you maintain optimal dental health.


Lynda & Chantel share duties as our front desk team members.  They will be taking calls to co-ordinate and book your appointments as well as helping you manage your insurance claims.  They are a very important part of our team as they help to ensure that things run smoothly and on time as best we can.  They also have a wealth of knowledge to share about treatment appointments & insurance plans   If you have any questions or concerns about your dental treatment - please don't hesitate to discuss with them.  When extra help is needed from time to time, and when Lynda has to help in the back,Tracy jumps in to help too.  

Dental Assistants:

Debbie, Steph, Pam, Eva & Lacey  will be assisting the dentists with your treatment needs.  They are responsible for assisting during appointments, patient education,  taking xrays,  and the list goes on and on. They are the doctor's  "right hand Ladies" so to speak.  They ensure that things run smoothly and on time in the back and do so in a comfortable and caring enviroment.

Dental Hygienists:

Lana, Carrie, Corey & Alyssa will be seeing you for your hygiene visits and look forward to helping you to achieve & maintain optimal dental health for your teeth and gums.  They are our "go to" people when it comes to oral health care.  Their cleanings are very thorough but also very gentle.  They are more than happy to share their expertise when it comes to helping you with your dental health needs.  

Sterilization Assistant:

Malerie is our go to person in the back to help keep things running smoothly and on time by sterilizing and maintaining our instruments, turning over rooms and helping where it is needed at the time.  Lynda will also jump in and help out in this department from time to time and as needed to help keep things running on time.

Dr. Sandi Endersby-Beekman (DMD)